Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Virtus. Journal of Nobility Studies is an independent and multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal with contributions on all aspects of the history of the nobility. The journal, founded by the Werkgroep Adelsgeschiedenis in 2003, aims at providing a multilingual forum for academic exchange and discussion of research and ideas in the field of the history of nobility and related areas of study, such as genealogy, heraldry, court studies and castellology. Virtus showcases work from historians, art historians, sociologists, archaeologists, architectural historians, literary scholars and all others who write about noble elites, nobility and knighthood. Its focus encompasses a variety of analytical perspectives, including political, social and economic approaches, as well as gender, identity and material culture.


Section Policies


  • Checked Open Submissions
  • Checked Indexed
  • Checked Peer Reviewed


  • Checked Open Submissions
  • Checked Indexed
  • Unchecked Peer Reviewed

Object in Context

  • Checked Open Submissions
  • Checked Indexed
  • Unchecked Peer Reviewed

Short Contributions

  • Checked Open Submissions
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  • Unchecked Open Submissions
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Open Access Policy

This journal provides delayed open access (12 months) to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Editorial Board

Prof H. (Hanneke) Ronnes – editor-in-chief

Drs J.C.C.F.M. (Jos) van den Borne – picture editor

Drs S.C. (Sebastiaan) Derks

Dr J. (Jaap) Geraerts

Dr. I. (Ineke) Huysman

Dr D.D.R. (Dries) Raeymaekers

Dr S.L. (Sophie) Reinders

Dr V.C. (Vincent) Sleebe

Dr A. (Arie) van Steensel

Dr S. (Steven) Thiry

L. (Leon) Wessels MA



Advisory Board

Prof. R.G. Asch (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)

Dr. J.C. Bierens de Haan (Paleis Het Loo)

Prof. F. Buylaert (Universiteit Gent)

Prof. L. Duerloo (Universiteit Antwerpen)

Prof. J. Duindam (Universiteit Leiden)

Dr. H. Düselder (Museum Lüneburg)

Prof. P. Janssens (Universiteit Gent)

Prof. Y.B. Kuiper (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

Prof. R. van der Laarse (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Prof. M. Malatesta (Università di Bologna)

Prof. P. Mandler (University of Cambridge)

Dr. S. Marburg (Technische Universität Dresden)

Prof. J. Stobart (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Dr. M. Venborg Pedersen (Nationalmuseet Danmark)

Dr. S.W. Verstegen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)